Moonray Silverspear

Moonray of the Silverspear Clan


Moonray stands 5’10” with an athletic build. His eyes are green and slitted like a cat and his long hair is as white as a winter rabbit and tied back in a pony tail, revealing Moonray’s pointed ears. His skin is fair except for his hands and feet, which are black as night (earning him the nickname “Paws”). Most of Moonray’s body is covered with fine white hair. Moonray wears armor made from the hide of a dire boar and carries a longspear with a silvery point.

Age: 17
Str: 16 Dex: 14 Wis: 13
Con: 16 Int: 8 Cha: 11


Moonray was born into a tribe of Razorclaw Shifters near an Elven village. For generations, the Silverspear tribe fought off hundreds of gnoll attacks, but on the night of Moonray’s rite of passage into manhood, the gnolls attacked with a new weapon neverbefore seen. The tribe was overrun by undead serving the commands of the gnolls. Moonray barely escaped the carnage, but found himself alone in the wilderness without knowing how many others survived the attack. He fasted for three days on a sacred mountain top to ask the spirits of the land how could the gnolls gain such terrible power. The winds then whispered “Orcus” into Moonray’s ear. It was then, by the sunset of the third day of fasting, that Moonray swore an oath to the spirits of the land, forrest, and sky to purge the powers of Orcus from the lands.

Moonray Silverspear

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